A Day at Shumi’s Hot Cake

Shafayat Hossain
4 min readFeb 6, 2020

Leading a life as a freelancer surely has its ups & downs. But, definitely one of the perks of being a content writer is the people you get to meet for your stories. Today, I’ll share the creamiest stories of all, a day at Shumi’s Hot Cake!

Make Way for The Baking Smells

The moment I was assigned to cover the stories of Shumi’s Hot Cake, I felt super excited. I kept thinking about the black forest we all love and was imagining how the whole place might smell like cake. I called Shumi Aunt’s son, Mubeen bhaia and set myself a meeting.

Unluckily for me, I couldn’t find the place at all. It was in Uttara, an area I always dread to visit, and suddenly the google map wasn’t so helpful anymore too. But, guess what, while searching, a fresh smell struck my nose. I followed the smell and found myself in the FACTORY of Shumi’s Hot Cake! The whole place smelled so fresh that it had surpassed my expectations already.

Soon Mubeen Bhaia and I moved deep into conversation. And an amazing story of baking cakes unveiled to me with all its glory!

The Story of Shumi’s Hot Cake

It was a grim winter in 1981. Young Shumi was checking the clock every five minutes. It was her birthday and she couldn’t wait for her husband, who was in the air force, to come back home after work. When he did, he came back home with a big bright smile on his face and a large cake in his hands!



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